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Information for entrepreneurs

If you’re a business owner looking for a great environment in which to locate your company, Saint-Georges is the place for you !

No matter how large or small your enterprise may be, we would be thrilled to have you become part of one of North America’s most dynamic and successful business communities.

Here are some of the key advantages Saint-Georges has to offer in terms of being a great place in which to invest and do business:

  1. A strategic location which offers excellent access to all major markets located throughout eastern Canada and the northeastern United States.
  2. Extremely competitive costs of doing business.
  3. A highly skilled, loyal, and stable workforce that is highly respected for its exceptional work ethic.
  4. A modern, fully-serviced industrial park that offers plenty of room to accommodate growing companies.
  5. A modern airport with a 5,000-foot runway that can accommodate many different kinds of aircraft. The Saint-Georges airport has been designated as an airport of entry by Nav Canada.
  6. A region that features an exceptional quality of life for people of all ages, and especially for those raising families. This has proven to be a key advantage in helping companies to attract and keep good employees.
  7. In 2016, Quebec Autroute 73 will be extended all the way to Saint-Georges, providing a direct highway linkage with Quebec City. Completion of the highway will provide businesses in Saint-Georges with faster and more convenient road access to Quebec City, and to the many amenities a larger city can offer.

One of the best things about locating your company in Saint-Georges is that you’ll be in the heartland of a region that is characterized by a very strong culture of entrepreneurship. Through organizations like the Conseil économique de Beauce, CEB, www.cebeauce.com and the Chambre de Commerce de Saint-Georges www.ccstgeorges.com you’ll have access to an extensive network of fellow entrepreneurs and business owners who will be more than happy to share advice, guidance, and support. Come be a part of our success !