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Saint-Georges welcomes you!

The modern day city of Saint-Georges officially came into being in May 1990, at which time the two former cities of Saint-Georges East and Saint-Georges West were merged. Today, nearly 200 years after the region was first settled, Saint-Georges is a thriving community that is home to approximately 33,546 residents.

Among its many qualities, Saint-Georges has the distinction of being able to provide many of the same kinds of services that are found in much larger centres, while at the same time offering the relaxed and friendly pace of life that typically characterizes a smaller community.

Some things you should know about Saint-Georges:

  1. The median age of residents is 45 years of age, similar to that of the Quebec population as a whole.
  2. The city is readily accessible by automobile, via Autoroute 73 as well as Quebec routes 108, 173, 204, and 271.
  3. Saint-Georges is located in close proximity to major population centres throughout Quebec. Driving distance to Quebec City is 100 km; to Sherbrooke, 150 km; to Trois-Rivières, 220 km, and to Montreal, 300 km.
  4. Saint-Georges also offers excellent access to other major cities located throughout Eastern North America, including Boston (500 km); Ottawa (525 km); New York (780 km); Toronto (850 km); and Philadelphia (930 km).
  5. Saint-Georges has a well-educated workforce. 32% of residents are college or university graduates, and a further 25% hold credentials earned from a trade school.
  6. The median household income in Saint-Georges is $52,000. What’s more, 68% of residents own their own homes, a percentage that is higher than in major Ontario cities like Toronto, Kitchener, and London.
  7. There are nearly 2,000 businesses located in Saint-Georges and the surrounding region, of which nearly 250 are involved in manufacturing. Companies range in size from small enterprises with ten employees or fewer up to large multinationals that have hundreds or even thousands of workers on their payrolls.
  8. The current unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Canada.

In a recent national study of the best places to live in Canada conducted by Moneysense magazine, Saint-Georges was ranked in the top 25% of the 209 communities that were surveyed. Even more significantly, Saint-Georges was ranked as being one of Quebec’s “Top Three” small cities in which to live.

What’s more, Saint-Georges is a place where the manufacturing industry is thriving. Although much has been written in recent years about the decline of manufacturing in many other regions of North America, a recent newspaper article noted that in Saint-Georges nearly 25% of the labour force is employed in manufacturing. That’s a higher proportion than in almost any other community in Quebec!

If you’re looking for a combination of good job opportunities and an exceptional quality of life, a world of opportunity awaits you in Saint-Georges ! Come see what we have to offer !